Why kibera 🤔

You are wondering why Baba always run to Kibera whenever he hits a political snag…Wonder no more…

First let me say, Jakom has no mental problem as some would have us believe. Jakom’s undoing is his sense of entitlement. Baba believes the presidency is his birthright. In fact, since the unfortunate events of 2007 (I still believe he defeated Kibaki, only that his “41 against 1” nonsense was neutralized by “uthamaki ni witu” backwardness ), Rao’s mind has stuck to the imagined presidency.

Since 2007, Jakom has refused to believe he can lose an election in a free and fair (forget that he no longer has Ruto). This, ladies and gentlemen, is known as political ego…one that needs massaging every now and then, especially when it’s confronted with the ugly truth (i.e. he’s politically too disorganized to win the presidency).

To treat the problem of disappointment and frustration, his handlers always drive him to Kibera. Why Kibera? I’m glad you asked. Kibera

~Is closer home,
~Has easy media access and
~Has a ready crowd of poor, hungry fanatical supporters, the kind any “president” loves.

Once in Kibera, Jakom will come out of the car roof and wave as he is driven through the filthy slum. Being in the slum itself gives him intrinsic joy. He sees a people completely dependent on him. A people who will, for example, easily swallow a cooked statement like the voters were 3.5 million not 7m.

And with his chain of MPs cheering behind him with tongue in cheek, Jakom gets a good therapeutic nursing.

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NOTE TO NRM: This article, save for a few tweaking, has been copied from a friend . So, should the need to “forgive” the author arise, look for him.