IEBC respected right ‘NOT TO VOTE’

Thank you IEBC for cancelling repeat election in Luo Nyanza. By respecting their RIGHT NOT TO VOTE, you’ve inadvertently…

1. Just saved several Luo lives (the ones who would have sacrificed themselves to enforce Baba’s anti voting order)

2. Cushioned businesses against looting and destruction…in the name of peaceful demos

3. Spared our roads from furnace and rocks and

4. Given our people a chance to resume normal business.

They, to show solidarity with Raila, sabotaged election (torturing IEBC officials, blocking roads to ensure no material reach the stations and threatening those who wanted to vote). It’s only just to respect their right.

I hope no one will be demanding to vote after vehemently rejecting the process.

You can’t eat your cake and have it!

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