Kenya will move on

This happens everyday and everywhere. A husband or wife terrorizes his or her spouse. They then walk out of the marriage. As they walk out, they imagine that the spouse will not live without them.
But, the spouse moves on.
At first, the spouse that walks out will expect to be begged and pleaded with.
That does not happen. He or she starts following what’s going on where he or she left. They even know the number of cockroaches in the house, yet they left. They follow every step taken in the house they left.
As time goes by the spouse that walked out gets desperate. Some get violent, many bad mouth.
But life goes on, and goes on, and goes on and on. Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months turn into years.
That’s how it will feel for him. He will not believe it as Kenya moves on without him.

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