Uhuru won fairly in repeat election – European Union says

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory in the just concluded repeat election has been hailed as having been held in a free and fair manner.

The election has been given a clean bill of health by the European Union Election Observer Mission (EU EOM) which said it was satisfied with the process.

The observer mission also noted challenges faced by the IEBC including divisions at the electoral body and numerous court cases that bogged down its service delivery.0fgjhs2atpbbf4j5dg.0198b9f4.jpg

President-elect Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto after being declared winners of repeat election. Photo: PSCU

Citizen TV reported that the missions chief observer Marietje Schaake had noted improved technical handling of results “despite weaknesses in the electoral commission.”

On Wednesday, November 1, TUKO.co.ke reported how the EU observer mission blamed both Kenyatta and NASA leader Raila Odinga for causing political uncertainty in the country.

To end this crisis, the mission urged the duo to hold meaningful dialogue and put to an end the simmering animosity between them.

The IEBC has already gazetted the reelection of Kenyatta while the Opposition has dismissed the poll terming it a sham.

NASA has since said it will give Jubilee a hard time despite calling for a fresh election within 90 days.

Losing an election is not a national crisis

I have been watching several local and international media talking heads leading their discussions and news with the title, _”Political Crisis”_, … _”Way forward for Kenya?”_ You see some TV headlines unashamedly say, _”What next after Uhuru win?_” As if they don’t know what the law prescribes. Fellow citizens, Raila losing the Presidency race for the fifth time is not a national crisis. It’s an election loss like the more than 100 Gubernatorial aspirants who lost. It’s just another political contest loss like the many MP aspirants who lost. It’s not a national crisis like some natural disasters that just happened to the country.
In November 2016, Americans had elections. Hillary Clinton received 2.6 million votes more than Donald Trump but Trump won more electoral college votes. Elections ended. The loser conceded. The media didn’t run around with some perverted news headlines of _”Oh, national crisis!”_ … _”Oh, dialogue!”_. The outcomes of any election is either win or lose. One shouldn’t enter into an election contest if the only outcome they expect is victory and anything else is rigging.
Kenya media, the clergy and the citizens must stop cuddling political gangsterism in which political losers become some kind of above the law gang bangers commanding militia and holding the nation to ransom eti this or that territory can’t or is untouchable. This or that segment of citizens will not recognize the duly elected government. Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission must meet my own irreducible minimum conditions etc., etc. Losing a political contest is not a national crisis and those hyping it as such should be ashamed.