‘Chungwa Man’ Neglected at KNH After Getting Run Over During NASA Demos

Kahawa Tungu

A top ODM and NASA supporter is appealing the coalition leadership to come to his aide as he is in deep pain admitted at Kenyatta Hospital after getting run over by a police vehicle durign the NASA demonstrations.
Nicholas Owino aka Owino Mawe who has been a strong ODM supporter since 2004 has been admitted at the KNH with multiple fractures sustained during the latest NASA demonstrations which were meant to force IEBC to halt the repeat elections.
Owino was taken to hospital by Esther Passaris who only paid Ksh 1,500 and was later visited by Simba Arati and Otiende Amolo but none bothered to understand

how he was going to manage his medical bills.
Owino now needs more than Ksh 1,5million to undergo special surgeries to correct the deformities which are developing after the accident.
Doctors who were attending to him are now avoiding him as they know that he doesn’t have the money to pay for their services.

Owino has been the face of ODM party with his oranges which he carries to all party activities. He is also a second hand clothes seller.
Owino is now appealing to party supporters to come to his aide and help him get further treatment.

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