Speak out before it’s too late

“First, they came for the communists, I did not speak out because I was not a communist. Then they came for the Trade Unionist, I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jew, I did not speak out, because I am not a Jew.
Then, they came for me…there was no one left to speak for me” So goes Martin Niemoeler’s famous poem.
Today, Kenya’s Demagogue Raila Odinga decided to extend his campaign to destroy his perceived enemies to the Corporate World.
By attacking Safaricom, Raila continued his well established tactic of destroying anyone that he disagrees with- Without giving the accused any benefit to defend him or herself.
As Martin Niemoeler says….In his previous attacks, those that were supposed to speak out…did not speak out against Raila, because it was convenient to remain silent.
He has destroyed several political careers, just by starting rumours.. and got away.
Remember how he started rumours that Tuju’s mobile medical clinic was meant to inject Luos with doses to make their critical organs fail to raise to the occasion. His lies spread like wild fire, and within days, the Tuju clinic was being stoned. Everyone and knew that Raila was lying, but since it was convenient to remain silent… nobody called out Raila for his silly, stupid and irresponsible lies. In 2013, he destroyed several budding politicians who refused to play ball. William Oduol won the Siaya ODM ticket for the Governor Post. But because he defeated Oburu, he was labelled a Jubilee mole. Many remained silent as a young politician with promise was decimated by Raila’s lies. His Cousin Jakoyo was among those that led the charade against Oduol.
In 2017, Raila turned against his cousin Jakoyo, and started lies against him….Jakoyo is now out in the Koyo (Cold). He remained silent as his evil cousin destroyed, stole and engaged in corruption. When Tables were turned against him, Jakoyo had no-one to speak for him.
After spilling blood in the political world, Raila got hungry for more blood..
He went for the ONLY Investor in Siaya County Dominion Farms.
After his demands for a sh 200 million “Protection Fee” was turned down, he went for Calvin’s jugular.
He cooked lies, he sent goons, he organised demos.
Calvin tried shouting for help. he called for other Corporate Bodies to help him from the evil bully…no one cared to speak, it was convenient to remain silent.
He then temporarily attacked Nation Media Group, but retracted after realising that Linus KaiKai, his right hand man there was helping him out. He went for Nation after the newspaper side exposed his dealing with one of the most corrupt tenderpreneurs. When he attacked Nation Media, no one spoke because it was convenient to remain silent.
Early this week, he went for Kikuyu Journalists, but quickly retracted after sensing a backlash. But he had shown his evil tribal intentions….No one spoke out.
Now, he has decided to get big. He is going for the most successful company in East and Central Africa.
Had the corporate world spoken when he attacked Dominion Farms with pure lies, it would have been easier to deal with him.
We are now facing an ogre that has grown and wants to devour anything he imagines is against him.
He doesn’t care that billions are at risk.
he doesn’t care that Luo employees in the companies he is targeting will lose their jobs. Why should he care, when the Luo employees and their relatives are in the frontline to cheer him. Just like the Dominion Farms case, he is inciting Luos to destroy something that feeds them….
On serious note it is time for all rational Kenyans to say NO to Raila.
He wants to bring down Safaricom, and other Corporate Bodies with a campaign of lies.
Safaricom may not have the power to speak against the Demagogue…but after destroying Safaricom, he will come for something else.
Let us stop Raila…you never know- tomorrow he may dream that the company you work for wants to destroy him, and decide to destroy it…leading to you losing your job.

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