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Of late we’ve been asked to highlight the merits and demerits of the Mobile Carriers. While we are unable to publish an exhaustive review, we’ve decided to share our experience…

It’s important to state from the onset that we have all the lines including Equitel.

1. Airtel, (we bought our line in 2007 when it was still Celtel) has some of the most affordable voice bundles. Tubonge bundles, for instance, give you hundreds of free on-net minutes while allowing you to call other networks at 2/min.

Airtel is, however, a struggling dwarf when it comes to data. The Indian Company runs on 3G network in 2017.

Of course it’ll will take a miracle for Airtel Money to get 10% market share. Their money transfer service is barely operational.

2. Telkom(we bought our line in 2011 when it was known as Orange) is the line to buy if you want cheaper and reliable data bundles. Their XL bundles, for instance, are the most affordable 4G bundles in the market (e.g 30GB for 3k).

While their 4G coverage is not as wide…Telkom 3G is fast enough to seamlessly stream Netflix HD movies.

They suck at voice services in our opinion and the Telkom Money thing has refused to pick up.

3. Safaricom (we bought our line in 2016) is the best option for Mobile Money Transfer. MPESA and most Mobile Banking services depend on Safaricom Network. Because of this ugly fact, Safaricom line is the fourth basic need (after food, shelter and clothing).

We hate to admit, but Safaricom data is fastest and their voice services premium…just that they charge more (for quality).

We conclude by saying you need all the three lines, especially if you are on a low budget. But if you are financially okay, Safaricom has all you need under one network.

We hope this was helpful? Good. Welcome