Edward Ouko, man and a half

It has taken a Luo, Edward Ouko-the Auditor General, to expose the massive theft in Luo Counties.
Senator James Orengo, the walking constitution could not. Peter Kaluma, could not. Milly Mabona could not undress in anger……
We are talking of billions, stolen by Luo Governors (including Kidero), under direct command of Raila Odinga and the ODM Cartel.
After mercilessly stealing, and hopelessly underperforming- Raila and the ODM Cartel RIGGED back the thieving Governors.
As I keep repeating here, one has to be complete moron. A total nincompoop. A real stone throwing bumpkin from Homa Bay or Migori to believe that Raila is a clean anti corruption crusader.
The current Luo leadership has the highest collection of educated morons ever assembled anywhere in history.
Instead of wasting time on useless activities, they should be asking Raila and his team that he rigged back what happened to the billions sent to the Counties.
Before talking about Secession, they should at least show that they can govern without stealing on behalf of Raila.

Tafuta ndume ingine

Let’s get it straight; you can’t do the same thing the same way repeatedly and expect a different result. You can’t keep presenting Raila Odinga as your presidential candidate for 20 years (those are four election cycles) and expect a miracle. Tafuta ndume nyingine kama ile uko nayo haizalishi.

Secondly, you can’t keep complaining that Kikuyus cannot vote for a Luo candidate, indeed claiming repeatedly that Kikuyus hate Luos, yet you have presented only one candidate for 20 years. Why don’t you try another person? After all we voted for Jaramogi in1992.

Thirdly, you can’t claim the country is deeply divided yet it’s only on election time when differences appear. If you suffer from a headache once every five years you can’t say you have a chronic disease. You try and identify what causes the headache and do something about it. Kenyans work extremely harmoniously until election time. Is it the elections or is it some candidates that cause disharmony?

Addressing congress?

Raila Odinga’s Facebook page has photos of his meeting in Washington DC, at the Africa-America Institute (AAI), with Gregory Simpkins who is the Staff Director, U.S. House Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Human Rights. That he needs to show off a photo with the no-doubt well-intentioned Mr Simpkins is a sign of how low Baba’s fortunes have fallen. Mr Simpkins is a staffer, a technical officer who is meeting Baba because the chairs of the House Subcommittee will not.

The former Prime Minister of Kenya, and the leader of what labels itself a national “resistance movement”, is seeing someone at the level of the Directors in Kenya’s Parliamentary Joint Service. Not meeting the MPs, the house leadership, majority or minority, or the speaker; the directors.

This is not to look down on Mr. Simpkins who has made a fine career fighting for Africa in Washington. Baba has been snubbed by Washington, he has been relegated to an extremely junior position by a superpower whose interest is in engaging with figures who will be significant in shaping regional and global dynamics.

Note that NASA told Kenyans that Raila was going to speak to Congress and made it appear that he would be in very high level meetings. The AAI where he visited is a fine institution, for over 50 years they have helped get Africans scholarships in America. Important but not political.

Baba has not been allowed to see a single senior official in the legislative or executive branch. He is going anywhere he can get a meeting. He is hoping that Kenyans don’t notice but we do, and it makes us actually feel bad. Whether you are NASA or Jubilee, surely we can agree that a former Prime Minister of Kenya should be able to get much more respect. Not that he has behaved in a way that deserves it!

What I am trying to say in short is, Washington DC has resisted Rao. Poor Baba, the Bondo farm is calling…