Tafuta ndume ingine

Let’s get it straight; you can’t do the same thing the same way repeatedly and expect a different result. You can’t keep presenting Raila Odinga as your presidential candidate for 20 years (those are four election cycles) and expect a miracle. Tafuta ndume nyingine kama ile uko nayo haizalishi.

Secondly, you can’t keep complaining that Kikuyus cannot vote for a Luo candidate, indeed claiming repeatedly that Kikuyus hate Luos, yet you have presented only one candidate for 20 years. Why don’t you try another person? After all we voted for Jaramogi in1992.

Thirdly, you can’t claim the country is deeply divided yet it’s only on election time when differences appear. If you suffer from a headache once every five years you can’t say you have a chronic disease. You try and identify what causes the headache and do something about it. Kenyans work extremely harmoniously until election time. Is it the elections or is it some candidates that cause disharmony?

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