Baba while you were away

-no demos conducted
-no Kenyans killed in the name of your self interests
-no boycott on RMN list of Co’s products witnessed
-only one eyewitness jailed by the cid
-Madvd and orengo went underground
-Ruto became less busy
– Uhuru got saved
-chebukati is fine
-Millie odhiambo now a bunge la mwananchi elder😅
-Joho now on Viusasa
-Kenya is cooler than before
– Kisumu city booming with business
Note: Kindly keep staying there a bit longer since the peace we have had for the past few days is amazing.

Concerned Kenyan.

Outch… Miguna

Whenever I feel I’m going through a lot, I picture one Miguna Miguna…

It’s 2008 and you are the all arrogant all incorrigible advisor to the PM. You are willing to die for Raila’s political ambitions…things are falling into place…and your boss’ presidential ambition is more realistic than ever.

Then 2011 happens. Your boss Raila wants his son’s lawyer (one Hassan) to be Chairman of IEBC. In your informed opinion, you think Hassan lacks the experience to handle a complicated poll like the one provided for in the just promulgated constitution. So, you write against him.

But since your boss has zero tolerance for divergent views, you are relieved of your duties via a text message. In fact, you are replaced by a Paul Mwangi…

You go berserk, realize overnight how evil your political hero is. You write a book. About yourself, but most importantly, to tell the whole world what a demonic character your immediate boss is.

You jump from one local TV to the next newly launched radio station to “expose your former boss”….swearing, in more than several instances, never to work with Raila even at gunpoint. The TV ratings and radio stats inspire you, you want to be Nairobi’s governor. Yes you do.

By the way, you are too clean to join the corrupt political formations, you run as an independent. Your policy turns out to be name calling and disparaging your competitors.

Fast forward, you get less votes than the number of characters in this post. Kenyans remind you that they like you better entertaining them on TV, not managing Nairobi. What a shocker!?

This leaves you bitter than my future ex-girlfriend. You become a micro blogger on Twitter, insulting and blocking people younger than my last born…

But Twitter can’t contain your bitterness…you join the home of political bitterness i.e ODM (aka NASA and now NRM) run by the most bitter politician alive and your sworn enemy. But they are desperate too, they recognize your talent and make you a general of an imaginary militia in charge of insulting Ruto and organizing homecoming parties for Raila whenever he’s from international NGO Seminars…

From an influential advisor to a ruthless PM to a fake general (in a funny regalia) in fake militia.

You are forced to call Raila (a man you’ve maintained is an illiterate fool and an embodiment of bad governance) a political savior and the best thing after MPESA.

Now that’s painfully humbling!

Diverting attention

I think Raila just wants to divert attention from the dirt that is being exposed in the High Court about what ODM did during the August elections.
In addition, the Audit report exposing the massive theft by his handpicked ODM Governors are coming out.
ODM is being accused of rigging the Kisumu, Siaya, Homa Bay, Siaya and Busia elections. Details of how Ugandans voted for ODM candidates in Busia are coming out under oath. Details of how ODM stole the Gubernatorial races in Siaya, Kisumu and Homa Bay are being given under oath.
In order to deflect attention from his crooked tactics in his strongholds, he wants to keep everyone busy in silly events like storming the secured JKIA.


NASA… or is it really ODM? Is telling us that they will have a big homecoming welcome for Raila when he returns from London. They will walk to and from the airport (imagine the traffic jams, imagine the way they speak as if walking is a special action when so many of their supporters walk to work every day).

Isn’t it becoming increasingly clear that there is a note of worship and self-abasement by NASA leaders when it comes to Baba? He is the chosen one, the “anointed” one, he is named always with the three names: Raila Amollo Odinga… a branding effort suggesting he is exiting the human realm and becoming the leader of a cult that is trying to hold millions of Kenyans to ransom, using democratic rights to sustain this utterly undemocratic game of musical chairs.

“You shall have no god but me, you shall have no leaders but me, you shall have no president but me, or you will burn in the tyre fires and under the hail of stones…this is my story of democratic peoples assembly!”

So which historical figure comes closest to what baba and his men are trying? No, not Mandela, not by far, better to consider the closest to be Ruhollah Khomeini, the future Ayatollah, on his return to Tehran from Paris in 1979. He had been jailed 16 years in the 1960s before going to exile in Paris, and then returning. He was considered by religious zealots to be their spiritual guide, their inspiration.

His language was like Baba’s: “I will strike with my fists at the mouths of this government. From now on it is I who will name the government”. There was a huge rally to welcome him, that rapidly got violent. The government of the day said, “don’t worry about this kind of speech. That is Khomeini. He is free to speak but he is not free to act.” From there, Khomeini took the Iranians into a brutal dictatorship under which they still suffer. He launched fanatical wars against Iraq in which tens of thousands perished, activists for democracy were locked up and even killed, and global sanctions were imposed.

The Jubilee government better watch out and not give Baba space to do a Khomeini that buries our democracy. His supporters who still have the ability to be critical, please hold back your companions from their increasing fanaticism and aggression. These are forms of intellectual and spiritual blindness.



If Jimmy Wanjigi runs for presidency, NASA will reject him because he is a Kikuyu. Surname and dialect drive NASA politics. By the way, presidency is not a merry-go-round within tribes.
Look how few communities have produced leaders:

3 presidents
1 vice president

1 president
2 vice/ deputy presidents

1 Prime Minister
1 Vice president

3 Vice presidents

1 vice president

1 vice president.

Why is Raila Odinga not complaining that the two high positions have remained only within his family? Are there no leaders in Luoland besides Jaramogi family? Furthermore, if leadership is a merry-go-round, why Raila didn’t consider other tribes like Turkana to be on top of the ticket? His late father and him have been running for decades. Oh sorry may be Raila had amnesia when he said Kibaki tosha. Did he forget that Kikuyu had produce a president before and that it was the time for Kisii or Kamba? Raila of 2017 is now oriented to reality…Give me a break! Let NASA lead by example. If they believe leadership is a merry go round then Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila should give chance to other communities to lead then come back and teach us how Merry-go-round works. Please share after reading.

Mumeelewa frens

As for the NRM fellows celebrating the happenings in Zimbabwe and saying that the same will happen in Kenya, you are so lost! First, whatever is happening there has not been influenced by the evil society and imperialists like George Soros. They tried to push their agenda through Morgan Tsvangirai and failed. Right now it is the people of Zim led by the military and the RULING PARTY that have decided on their own destiny and in a very mature way. Mugabe shall be given a chance to an honorable exit and will hand over power after his wife is given a safe exit from the country. Even the Wazungus are quiet on this one as they do not know exactly what’s happening. It’s not their game. The ruling party ZANU-PF and the military are running the show.

In short if what is happening in Zim happened in Kenya, it would be Jubilee in control of the process. Not NRM. Rao would still not rise to power.