If Jimmy Wanjigi runs for presidency, NASA will reject him because he is a Kikuyu. Surname and dialect drive NASA politics. By the way, presidency is not a merry-go-round within tribes.
Look how few communities have produced leaders:

3 presidents
1 vice president

1 president
2 vice/ deputy presidents

1 Prime Minister
1 Vice president

3 Vice presidents

1 vice president

1 vice president.

Why is Raila Odinga not complaining that the two high positions have remained only within his family? Are there no leaders in Luoland besides Jaramogi family? Furthermore, if leadership is a merry-go-round, why Raila didn’t consider other tribes like Turkana to be on top of the ticket? His late father and him have been running for decades. Oh sorry may be Raila had amnesia when he said Kibaki tosha. Did he forget that Kikuyu had produce a president before and that it was the time for Kisii or Kamba? Raila of 2017 is now oriented to reality…Give me a break! Let NASA lead by example. If they believe leadership is a merry go round then Kalonzo Musyoka and Raila should give chance to other communities to lead then come back and teach us how Merry-go-round works. Please share after reading.

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