Mumeelewa frens

As for the NRM fellows celebrating the happenings in Zimbabwe and saying that the same will happen in Kenya, you are so lost! First, whatever is happening there has not been influenced by the evil society and imperialists like George Soros. They tried to push their agenda through Morgan Tsvangirai and failed. Right now it is the people of Zim led by the military and the RULING PARTY that have decided on their own destiny and in a very mature way. Mugabe shall be given a chance to an honorable exit and will hand over power after his wife is given a safe exit from the country. Even the Wazungus are quiet on this one as they do not know exactly what’s happening. It’s not their game. The ruling party ZANU-PF and the military are running the show.

In short if what is happening in Zim happened in Kenya, it would be Jubilee in control of the process. Not NRM. Rao would still not rise to power.

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