MARAGA loses his COOL, We have NO time FOR nonsense

Chief Justice David Maraga dismissed an application by a voter identified as Caleb Wamaya, on Wednesday.

Wamaya was seeking to be enjoined in a petition challenging President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win on October 26th.

Making his ruling, a charged Maraga told Wamaya that the apex court followed the constitution in dismissing his application.

Wamaya had earlier told the Supreme Court that they have abused his rights by dismissing his applicat


“You were here last night and I told you we have more than 19 million voters.”

“If we allow each of them to talk we will require a year or two to determine cases,” Maraga added.

He also urged the voter to talk to his MP and convince him to change the law that can allow the presidential petition to be heard in one year or more.

“Talk to your MP on changing the law so we can have one year to hear your petition,” Maraga stated.