Things need to change

Gordon Opiyo

Just watched Citizen TV news report on the demolished businesses, the women that were nearly raped, the Matatu owner who had third party insurance ( meaning his burnt vehicle cannot be restored by the Insurance firm). I was at the Burma market this morning, and met the widow whose business was wiped off in seconds.
To say that I’m angry is an understatement.
I’m angry because the political elite both in NASA and Jubilee seem not to care about the poor businesses. I’m angered more after seeing Jubilee MP Martha Wangari posting photos she took together with Otiende Amollo….claiming that they are at peace!!!
I’m angry when criminals, goons, and killers like Otiende Amollo, James Orengo, Miguna Miguna and Babu Owino are still given VIP treatment by the State. I’m sure today the Criminals who claim to be MPs were given access to State VIP lounges in Kisumu Airport.
I’m angry to learn that a number of Kikuyus have fled Vihiga County to Busia after local Maragoli Businessmen sponsored criminals to harass their competitors (taking advantage of the hate filled climate to settle business competition issues).
Seriously, after the swearing In of Uhuru on 28th, things MUST change.
Criminal elements within the political class must be treated as pariahs. They should face sanctions. Their security must be withdrawn. All privileges they get from the State must be stopped.
Meanwhile, from December 1, President Uhuru must kick off his Second Term be changing the Constitution. We must remove all the silly clauses in the 2010 katiba that were inserted by the mzungu worshipping Evil Society.
We Must restore the Detention without trial to Criminal and bloodthirsty elements.
This Katiba will destroy our country. If boys in Diapers like Babu Owino can freely deal in drugs, and sponsor violence, and walk away freely by showing us the middle finger…..what do you think grand masters of bloodshed and violence like Raila can do?
2018, we need to revisit and change the Katiba.


Kanyi Ndegwa

Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is politically alert, intellectually robust and in charge. On his right hand side is a trusted friend, a political dynamo in the style of William Samoei Ruto. They are president and deputy president elect.
Raila is violently throwing his last kicks like a headless chicken in a desperate bid to frustrate the inevitable swearing in of the dynamic duo. He knows the swearing in comprehensively seals his fate.
Therefore compatriots, let’s exercise a little patience and constitutionally bestow to the duo the instruments of power without forcing them to dance to Raila’s drums of war.
If you give a crocodile the prerogative to choose the battle ground, it will choose a river or a lake, it does not matter how mighty you are, it will definitely make a meal of you. Raila has chosen the field of bloodshed…we must reject his choice, for we have emerged victors on the constitution ground.
In fact, we won the war on 8th August and 26th October. We should not let him drag the country and our leaders on his path of death, mayhem and destruction.
The swearing in will signal the interment of Raila politically.