Mungiki supports Raila…

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Mungiki? I think some people do not understand basic stuff.

Mungiki = Raila Odinga

It is in public domain….

1. 2002 they burnt Uhuru Kenyatta Effigy near Jomo Kenyatta burial site in Parliament

2. Kangema By-Elections 2012…Raila who was Prime minister openly backed Mungiki

3. Uhuru rejected Maina njenga candidacy in Kanu in 2002 and did the same in 2017

4. Raila has had a politically romantic relationshion with Mungiki leadership

So if we are saying Mungiki is responsible, then @Raila Odinga should not escape blame…..

Let Police investigate – Speculation and blame game is detrimental to your cause


NB: Testimonials in the Ruaraka matter point to a Gangster on the run. Who was escaping from the wrath of residents. He shot randomly, killing four according to residents….

Patience people…patience

Sam Ogola

So far President Kenyatta has refused to fall for Raila’s trap…and it’s making Rao and Co even more desperate.

Raila, if you must know, has been openly provoking Uhuru into a show of might…he’s been undermining Uhuru’s presidency using poor Luo youth and opportunist MPs hoping the president will be so desperate to meet him halfway…

Raila has been moving as if Kenya had no president at all…making his supporters to treat police as Mungiki…a group to resist.

But being a bigger picture guy, Dr. Kenyatta has shown Raila the contempt card. As they say, a little pain now saves alot of pain later, the president has allowed Rao some roaming space…of course he’s misusing it to cause chaos and destroy businesses…

But the people have rejected his bait…Raila wants an all blown ethnic violence but Kenyans know better…

In the meantime, let the police NOT UHURUTO, protect people and businesses against the youth Raila is using.

Like I said, after swearing in, most of these nonsense will come to grinding halt.

Patience people… Patience!

Dead Luos are more important

You may be wondering why ODM leadership doesn’t care about the Luos who get injured in their violently murderous demos…

Well, an injured Luo is a burden. And as you know generosity is a vice in ODM. That’s why they are abandoned to their own devices…they are not important until they die…Why?

A dead Luo has proganda value…

In fact, if it were up to the father of chaos, he’d have as many of them killed in as many unnecessary violent demos as possible…Why?

So that he may call pressers to condemn the government for “genocide” as his online team trend “LuoLivesMatter”…call it extracting political capital from the death of your supporters…

A North Korean political brand kinda