Anyone who was Raila’s classmate?

KCPE results being released should help us reflect on the impact of having leaders that have not gone through the system.
These are exclusive examination sheets from Maranda Primary School 1958 and 1959. This are the years someone claims to have done his Primary Examination.
One name does not appear in the list: The name Raila Odinga.
It is confirmed that he does not have Primary School Certificate. That means that Raila does not have the Secondary School certification from East Africa Examination Council.
If anyone has contrary information, let him or her present evidence to counter this.
If anyone has evidence that Raila had classmates when he did the Primary Examination, let him provide evidence.
Why I’m I asking this?
It is critical to find to know who our leaders are. It is important to know their track record.
Psychologists say people like Hitler had challenges in his early academic life, and spent his life trying to prove a point.
Fact is this: Raila dropped out of Primary School, he had very problematic education due to Discipline problems.
After failing, he took off to Tanzania where he stayed for sometime before being flown by Nyerere to East German. In East Germany, he went to Herder Institut, a German Language training centre and vocational training centre.
Since he could not qualify to join any University ( he did not have Primary or Secondary Certification) he took up a course in Metal Work.
If anyone has any contrary information, he or she can prove me wrong.
That is why Raila could dismiss Matiang’i when he demanded that elections should not affect exams.
It is time we asked hard Questions about this man
1) Who are his Exam Mates in Primary School…. Who was number 1 in Maranda in the year he did exams.
2) Who are his classmates in Secondary school. Who was number 1 when he did exams.
3) How did someone with no Primary, Secondary or College Certificate end up with MSC Engineering in 5 years?
Fact is this: This guy has been living a lie for far too long.