Why Raila Won’t forgive Orengo


Raila Odinga is a bitter man, he won’t forgive Orengo after he misled him into quitting the presidential race.

Orengo, who is popularly referred to as a walking constitution by Raila supporters,told Raila,”Mzee,if you quit this thing, elections will be postponed. There is no way Uhuru will go ahead to contest without you”.

Orengo knew that the case at the court that involved Ekuru Aukot was to be thrown out, leaving Uhuru alone in the race. The real trouble came when the court allowed all the presidential candidates to participate in the poll. That night,Orengo called Raila informing him that their goose is cooked. He gave Raila three options:

1.To go ahead and contest

2.To call for demonstrations

3.To tell his supporters not to vote.

Though Orengo was for the opinion that Raila tell his supporters to vote, Raila went ahead and picked the third option. He knew that if his supporters did not vote, the election results would automatically be cancelled by the Supreme court.

Raila lost the battle when IEBC invoked the law that states that if a constituency bars IEBC from conducting elections, the body has powers to either postpone or cancel the elections. If the votes from the constituencies affected won’t change the results,IEBC will go ahead to announce the winner-this is the law that completely buried Raila’s presidential ambitions.

Raila has not only lost the battle but also his legacy. After fighting to be president for over three decades, he bows out with 2% score, the lowest for a presidential candidate of his caliber. To add salt into injury, Raila’s party won’t be given the mandatory Ksh 5 billion for not garnering more than 5 % of the total votes cast.

Raila knows the political miscalculation he has made and that’s why he has sneaked out of the country so as to look for a way to convince his supporters, who are currently at crossroads. He blames his political advisors for misleading him into making the worst mistake in his life. What next for the Enigma?!!!