Do not follow blindly

Joseph’s story speaks in very graphic details what I have been shouting about in the past 10 years. There is something terribly wrong with the Luo Community, and the sooner Kenya owns up to the problem, the better.
Let us stop hiding our heads in the sand.
I will repeat here 1 million times that the damage Raila has done in the heads of Luos will take years to repair.
In Luo Nyanza, appearing to be prosperous, or wealthy and you do not support Raila is a crime.
You are supposed to be poor, in order to fit into the Raila doctrine.
American Billionaire Calvin Burgess had to appear like a broke person, and close Dominion Farms and send the 1000 employees away just to save his 17,000 acre Farm from being burnt.
Had he been in full operation, I am 100% sure that the Farm would have been razed to the ground as was done to Joseph.
Raila has radicalized Luos against any development- Whether by Government or Private Citizens. Raila loves poverty.
This is what befalls anyone that dares invest in Luo Nyanza.
The problem affects anyone who follows him starting with “born again” Christians, Bishops, Engineers, Doctors, Teachers, Boda Boda Riders…everyone. The moment you decide to follow Raila, you become mindless and violent. You will be surprised to find that in the group that burnt Joseph’s property were University Graduates, Church Choir Leaders, Teachers and even Clinical Officers. Just scroll through the comments, and see how Luos, or the few Luhyias that follow him reason.

Debunking the lies

Gordon Opiyo

It is important to debunk the oft repeated LIE by the Luo Leadership that President Uhuru has marginalized the Luo. Last year, I was in the team led by Interior PS Karanja Kibicho that visited major National Government projects in Luo Nyanza.
President Uhuru, between 2013 and 2017 invested massive amounts in Luo Nyanza. Here we were in Migori together with then Public Works PS Dr Paul Maringa at the Migori County Headquarters that stalled during the Coalition Government, and was revived by President Uhuru. The Houses in Migori are some of the best in the Country, built by National Government Money. The Roads in Kisumu, Siaya and Homa Bay- all built by National Government money are some of the best in Africa. The Siaya- Nyadorera- Ruambwa Road connecting Siaya to the Busia Border that had stalled for 15 years was completed by President Uhuru.
The only thing Uhuru did, was to deny Raila the chance to corruptly eat National Government Money, by pushing proxies in Tenders. That is when the “Marginalization” talk started.
It is important that these lies are debunked.

President of Canaan coming for Uhuru’s swearing in

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will travel to Nairobi on Tuesday for the swearing- in ceremony of President Uhuru Kenyatta, his third trip to the continent in 18 months.

Netanyahu announced his plans at a speech during a ceremony at the grave site of David and Paula Ben-Gurion in Sde Boker to mark the 44th year of the first prime minister’s passing.

Kenyan politics in global arena

Gordon Opiyo

Benjamin Netanyahu’s confirmation on attending the Grand Swearing In has brought to the fore the futility of the Luo Nation following a Std 6 dropout.
Taking and maintaining power needs brains.
It needs someone that is able to appreciate the complex global relations.
But, we the Luo have been forced through violence and intimidation to follow a Std 6 dropout, who- to be polite is dumb. Someone who doesn’t have the wits of even knowing that taking photos with girls in private settings isn’t presidential – cannot start even understanding the global power play.
Remember, early this year when I said on this forum that the ruthless Jewish Community would destroy Raila?
In his rush to spew out rumours given to him by clueless advisors, Raila attacked one of the biggest Jewish Investment JP Morgan Chase Bank. He openly lied about the Eurobond, just like he lies about everything else. But this time, he picked a wrong customer.
Someone with brains would have sensed that opening a war front with the ruthless and merciless Jewish establishment is not a good idea. You would rather fight the Mt Kenya Mafia, than face the ruthless and merciless Jewish Mafia.
Before even the dust settled, he went to extort Calvin Burgess, an influential Republican. Calvin is a Landlord to many US Government departments. You don’t have to be a rocket scientists to see that trying to extort Calvin was a dumb move.
Just like in 2007, when Raila attacked George Bush and vowed to cancel all counter terrorism pacts Kenya had with the US.
From the aforementioned examples, you can just reach one conclusion… One has to be totally dumb to be opening warfronts with powerful global forces, and expect to have it easy.
Now, if one keeps repeating the same mistakes – isn’t it time an inquest was held on his Academic Background?
Isn’t it time for the Luos, who value Academic Excellence, to openly question the academic path of their leader?
Are you aware that to date, no one has ever come out in the open to state that he was Raila’ s classmate in Maranda High School?
Are you aware that to date, no one has ever come out to say that he sat the Primary Examination with Raila?
The only proof of the record is a series of dumb decisions, dumb strategies and violent intimidation.
Following a dumb Std 6 dropout, who holds a certificate in welding has totally destroyed the standing of the Luo in the Kenyan society.
To recover, the Luo must start by asking
1) What is the schooling record of this man?
2) If he can blatantly lie about his schooling, something that can be easily verified, what else can’t he lie about.
3) Could his dumbness be affecting the Luo as a whole?
Meanwhile, the leader of the Jewish Nation globally will be in Kenya on Tuesday…once again confounding the Luo… Who were hoping that no global leader attends the grand celebration. More confounding is on the way, unless they ask tough questions about Raila.

Spare us

Samson Ogolla

Ati we don’t recognize Uhuruto’s government. Lawd! Is there any government you’ve ever recognized…Spare us the Raila is our president crap, you’ve called him that since 1997…and you’re likely to continue till kingdom come. No one is surprised.

Ati we won the August 8th election and based on the results, we know Rao is our duly elected president. How? Were you not the same people who went to court claiming there was no election on August 8th and that if it did happen, it was too marred with irregularities and illegalities to know the winner and went ahead to demand for fresh polls? How then can you depend on results of an election that was nullified following your request?

Oh…ati results ziko kwa server? Which server? Didn’t you call 100 pressers to say the results on IEBC servers were faked to favor Uhuruto? Didn’t you demand forms 34As, claiming they’d confirm your victory?

Oh…we now have the evidence that we won the elections based on what’s in the server…the same server you weep has not been opened? Lawd!

Ati we will parade the bodies of innocent Kenyans the “murderous regime” has killed…You incite people to fight the police with stones, tell them to loot and destroy their neighbors property, abandon the injured and now (without shame) you want to dance on their graves to extract political capital?

Now I know what Kibaki meant by “Binadamu ya mavi ya kuku”…Bure Kabisa…

And of course…Shame on you!

‘Walking constitution’ walked the wrong direction

WHEN Nasa decides to take the bodies of those killed in the unnecessary riots for a display at Jacaranda garden or Uhuru Park please remember to carry the one of an Mpesa lady who died after a gang rape by ODM goons. And also carry for display the hundreds of innocent Kenyans who lost everything to looting and fires as well as shells of cars and buses and lorries burnt during the “peace picketing”.
But let’s go back to the real point where the rain begun to hit you hard. It was that point when Norman Magaya and James Orengo misled your king to withdraw hoping to abort the elections. It flopped. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the reality you must live with for the rest of history. The two men cheated baba. I hear they will be the subject of discussion in the closed meeting in Machakos, where the rest of you will not attend. And yes, they are struggling to get back to Raila’s good books, reason why Magaya is ready to do anything to catch his attention again.
Live with that fact, the walking constitution walked Raila to the wrong direction. But again that was the idea. And it would have made no difference had that walking constitution led bana to any other direction.