Do not follow blindly

Joseph’s story speaks in very graphic details what I have been shouting about in the past 10 years. There is something terribly wrong with the Luo Community, and the sooner Kenya owns up to the problem, the better.
Let us stop hiding our heads in the sand.
I will repeat here 1 million times that the damage Raila has done in the heads of Luos will take years to repair.
In Luo Nyanza, appearing to be prosperous, or wealthy and you do not support Raila is a crime.
You are supposed to be poor, in order to fit into the Raila doctrine.
American Billionaire Calvin Burgess had to appear like a broke person, and close Dominion Farms and send the 1000 employees away just to save his 17,000 acre Farm from being burnt.
Had he been in full operation, I am 100% sure that the Farm would have been razed to the ground as was done to Joseph.
Raila has radicalized Luos against any development- Whether by Government or Private Citizens. Raila loves poverty.
This is what befalls anyone that dares invest in Luo Nyanza.
The problem affects anyone who follows him starting with “born again” Christians, Bishops, Engineers, Doctors, Teachers, Boda Boda Riders…everyone. The moment you decide to follow Raila, you become mindless and violent. You will be surprised to find that in the group that burnt Joseph’s property were University Graduates, Church Choir Leaders, Teachers and even Clinical Officers. Just scroll through the comments, and see how Luos, or the few Luhyias that follow him reason.

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