Kenyan politics in global arena

Gordon Opiyo

Benjamin Netanyahu’s confirmation on attending the Grand Swearing In has brought to the fore the futility of the Luo Nation following a Std 6 dropout.
Taking and maintaining power needs brains.
It needs someone that is able to appreciate the complex global relations.
But, we the Luo have been forced through violence and intimidation to follow a Std 6 dropout, who- to be polite is dumb. Someone who doesn’t have the wits of even knowing that taking photos with girls in private settings isn’t presidential – cannot start even understanding the global power play.
Remember, early this year when I said on this forum that the ruthless Jewish Community would destroy Raila?
In his rush to spew out rumours given to him by clueless advisors, Raila attacked one of the biggest Jewish Investment JP Morgan Chase Bank. He openly lied about the Eurobond, just like he lies about everything else. But this time, he picked a wrong customer.
Someone with brains would have sensed that opening a war front with the ruthless and merciless Jewish establishment is not a good idea. You would rather fight the Mt Kenya Mafia, than face the ruthless and merciless Jewish Mafia.
Before even the dust settled, he went to extort Calvin Burgess, an influential Republican. Calvin is a Landlord to many US Government departments. You don’t have to be a rocket scientists to see that trying to extort Calvin was a dumb move.
Just like in 2007, when Raila attacked George Bush and vowed to cancel all counter terrorism pacts Kenya had with the US.
From the aforementioned examples, you can just reach one conclusion… One has to be totally dumb to be opening warfronts with powerful global forces, and expect to have it easy.
Now, if one keeps repeating the same mistakes – isn’t it time an inquest was held on his Academic Background?
Isn’t it time for the Luos, who value Academic Excellence, to openly question the academic path of their leader?
Are you aware that to date, no one has ever come out in the open to state that he was Raila’ s classmate in Maranda High School?
Are you aware that to date, no one has ever come out to say that he sat the Primary Examination with Raila?
The only proof of the record is a series of dumb decisions, dumb strategies and violent intimidation.
Following a dumb Std 6 dropout, who holds a certificate in welding has totally destroyed the standing of the Luo in the Kenyan society.
To recover, the Luo must start by asking
1) What is the schooling record of this man?
2) If he can blatantly lie about his schooling, something that can be easily verified, what else can’t he lie about.
3) Could his dumbness be affecting the Luo as a whole?
Meanwhile, the leader of the Jewish Nation globally will be in Kenya on Tuesday…once again confounding the Luo… Who were hoping that no global leader attends the grand celebration. More confounding is on the way, unless they ask tough questions about Raila.

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