Spare us

Samson Ogolla

Ati we don’t recognize Uhuruto’s government. Lawd! Is there any government you’ve ever recognized…Spare us the Raila is our president crap, you’ve called him that since 1997…and you’re likely to continue till kingdom come. No one is surprised.

Ati we won the August 8th election and based on the results, we know Rao is our duly elected president. How? Were you not the same people who went to court claiming there was no election on August 8th and that if it did happen, it was too marred with irregularities and illegalities to know the winner and went ahead to demand for fresh polls? How then can you depend on results of an election that was nullified following your request?

Oh…ati results ziko kwa server? Which server? Didn’t you call 100 pressers to say the results on IEBC servers were faked to favor Uhuruto? Didn’t you demand forms 34As, claiming they’d confirm your victory?

Oh…we now have the evidence that we won the elections based on what’s in the server…the same server you weep has not been opened? Lawd!

Ati we will parade the bodies of innocent Kenyans the “murderous regime” has killed…You incite people to fight the police with stones, tell them to loot and destroy their neighbors property, abandon the injured and now (without shame) you want to dance on their graves to extract political capital?

Now I know what Kibaki meant by “Binadamu ya mavi ya kuku”…Bure Kabisa…

And of course…Shame on you!

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