‘Walking constitution’ walked the wrong direction

WHEN Nasa decides to take the bodies of those killed in the unnecessary riots for a display at Jacaranda garden or Uhuru Park please remember to carry the one of an Mpesa lady who died after a gang rape by ODM goons. And also carry for display the hundreds of innocent Kenyans who lost everything to looting and fires as well as shells of cars and buses and lorries burnt during the “peace picketing”.
But let’s go back to the real point where the rain begun to hit you hard. It was that point when Norman Magaya and James Orengo misled your king to withdraw hoping to abort the elections. It flopped. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, is the reality you must live with for the rest of history. The two men cheated baba. I hear they will be the subject of discussion in the closed meeting in Machakos, where the rest of you will not attend. And yes, they are struggling to get back to Raila’s good books, reason why Magaya is ready to do anything to catch his attention again.
Live with that fact, the walking constitution walked Raila to the wrong direction. But again that was the idea. And it would have made no difference had that walking constitution led bana to any other direction.

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