Lest you forget

Remember the days of CORD, before it was strangled and nicknamed NASA?

Do you remember Okoa Kenya Initiative?

What about the SabaSaba day of reckoning?

Have you forgotten about the no reforms no elections?

All these failed because they were not well-thought but reactionary emotional moves.

That’s why everything their new vehicle aka NASA initiated flopped too…

Even the people’s assembly joke and associated mock swearing in will fail…

In politics, ladies and gentlemen, you can’t act on emotions. Everything MUST be carefully planned and executed with precision.

Study the political life of one William Ruto and learn how to play progressive politics…result oriented politics.

Some people are just satanic



1. You incite your tribesmen to fight police and destroy their neighbors’ property…some are injured in the process. But there is no way you can extract political capital from injuries (the injured are only a financial burden). So,

2. You incite them even more…telling them to treat police as Mungiki…knowing that attacking armed police with stones will lead to injuries or even loss of lives (as the police will have to defend themselves)...some are injured and some lives are lost (unfortunately). But that’s not sensational enough…you need dead kids to whip emotions…Interestingly,

3. Unarmed kids are shot dead in peaceful estates. Your stooges in the media blame the police for the “massacre”. Now that you have the “right number” of deaths…you parade them for the media…

That a parent has no qualms playing politics with the death of others people’s sons and daughters is taking insensitivity to levels unknown.

I never hoped to live long enough to see the dead being desecrated to further political ambitions.


Dear Raila A. Odinga


It’s my hope that the father of democracy is doing well. I have this one question for you sir, what do you take us for?

Jakom, are you in any way assuming that every Kenyan believes every political pronouncement you make?

Let me give the basis of my question.

Baba, you went to court and argued that the election conducted on 8th was too compromised to tell the winner. In your own words sir, there was no presidential election on 8th of August 2017…what we had was a sham. In fact, you demanded a repeat poll.

Maraga and Co, using some of the pettiest reasons, nullified the presidential election and ordered for a repeat…just as you wanted. They granted your prayers. The celebration that followed is a story for another day. Bottom line, you were very pleased that a sham election had been nullified and Kenyans had a second chance to elect their leaders.

Ironically, you started disobeying the court order you celebrated. Why? It appears you expected Uhuruto to ignore the ruling and proceed with an illegal swearing in ceremony…making them illegitimate dictators.

Learning that they simply disagreed with the ruling but respected it, you changed tune. You now had extra legal demands..ones that had to be met or else you were to boycott the election…an election we never needed to begin with…an election you begged for at the Supreme Court.

Fast forward, you boycotted the repeat election (in theory) insisting there would be a fresh election in 90 days. But seeing that even the CJ voted…you sent NGOs to court to challenge the reelection of Uhuruto, cases that were dismissed with contempt.

Now that Uhuruto have been legally sworn in, you are here telling us you won the August 8th election and on that basis will be sworn in as the people’s president. Are you for real sir?

I mean, what do you take us for? Are you assuming that all Kenyans are like your supporters who believe everything you say without question?

How did you win an election that didn’t happen? Are you saying that the servers you claimed had been hacked in favor of Uhuruto, the ones IEBC “refused to open” now have details to show you won?

What do you take us for sir? Why are you treating us as if we were some brainless zombies?

You said you couldn’t be sworn in because it’d be illegal and damning only to change tune…dismissing the constitution and everyone who’s opposed to your swearing in.

Jakom, what do you take us for?

Please answer me.