Some people are just satanic



1. You incite your tribesmen to fight police and destroy their neighbors’ property…some are injured in the process. But there is no way you can extract political capital from injuries (the injured are only a financial burden). So,

2. You incite them even more…telling them to treat police as Mungiki…knowing that attacking armed police with stones will lead to injuries or even loss of lives (as the police will have to defend themselves)...some are injured and some lives are lost (unfortunately). But that’s not sensational enough…you need dead kids to whip emotions…Interestingly,

3. Unarmed kids are shot dead in peaceful estates. Your stooges in the media blame the police for the “massacre”. Now that you have the “right number” of deaths…you parade them for the media…

That a parent has no qualms playing politics with the death of others people’s sons and daughters is taking insensitivity to levels unknown.

I never hoped to live long enough to see the dead being desecrated to further political ambitions.


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