Raila understands what treason is

Did you know that Raila Odinga was sentenced in 1982 to 8 years in jail for Treason but released 6 years later (1988) after Moi struck a political pact with Jaramogi?

Did you know that his accomplices in that criminal case were executed and buried in Kamiti Prison?

Did you also know that he was imprisoned again in 1989, tortured in the dreaded Nyayo chambers for a year after which he fled to Norway and only returned to campaign for his father’s presidential bid in 1992?

What’s my point?

Raila Odinga knows the meaning of the word Treason and its consequences more than the Muthamas, Migunas, Magayas and Orengos of this world. He can commit any other crime, like say pitting innocent Luos against the police and the army or even auctioning nomination certificates to the highest bidders, but not treason. That’s why he can’t dare agree to be sworn-in this coming Tuesday or any other day.

What’s then the way forward for members of NRM

Retreat, Reflect, Regroup, Reorganize and Restrategize for 2022. 2017 is gone. Just like that.

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