1. The Government has mapped out risky areas in the country. The National Police Service and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) have been directed to enhance surveillance and enforcement for Traffic Rules in these areas. The most affected areas are along the Northern Corridor, Nairobi-Thika-Sagana, Mai Mahiu Narok Kisii, Kericho-Kisumu and Kisii –Ahero.

2. NTSA will enhance road safety public awareness as a shared responsibility. We request wananchi to cooperate and report drivers who violet traffic rules.

3. All Public Service Vehicle owners, SACCOs and Companies must ensure their vehicles are in good condition, have functional seat belts and drivers work for a maximum of eight hours as stipulated in the Law. We have directed the police and NTSA to crack down on those who do not comply.

4. The Police and NTSA have been issued with instructions to ensure that PSVs operating at night illegally will be targeted. Owners and drivers of such vehicles will be prosecuted.

5. All drivers found speeding will have their licenses revoked. All drivers causing death by dangerous driving will have their licenses revoked, and will face the death sentence for murder.

6. NTSA will profile and create a database for all drivers of PSVs and Heavy Commercial Vehicles. Those drivers who commit traffic offenses will be blacklisted. Employers will be required to check the NTSA portal for driver history before employment.

– New generation e-licenses will be issued to all drivers starting this January 2018 in a phased programme and priority given to PSV vehicles.

– All drivers particularly PSV vehicle drivers will be retrained once more in a phased manner commencing January 2018. This will be done in the various training centres and all accredited driving schools across the country and using the new competency based curriculum

7. Licenses for PSV allowed to operate at night will be reviewed and those SACCOs whose vehicles are involved in road crashes will be banned.

8. NTSA has been directed to categorize PSV SACCOs and companies based on their road safety records. SACCOs with poor records will be deregistered.

9. Boda Boda riders be must follow traffic rules.

11. NTSA has issued a Public Notice informing owners of vehicles which may stall on roads to remove them within one hour. They must place cautionary signs on the road as the process of removal is being undertaken.

12. Heavy commercial and PSV driver caught driving under influence of alcohol will have the licenses revoked. Drivers who cause non-fatal crashes will have to re-do the Driving Test.

With regard to infrastructure, the government will undertake the following to enhance road safety


1. Installing additional standard humps and rumble strips including road markings and signages.
2. Pedestrians in Nairobi constitute 40% of the cause of road crashes. Additional foot bridges will be constructed as follows:
– Nine (9) along the Thika Superhighway
– Outer Ring Road 14,
– five (5) others along the Southern Bypass,
– two (2) in Westlands and
– one (1) in Mlolongo.
This begins in the first quarter of 2018.


1. There will be improvements on the road between Kibunja and Salgaa, as follows:
Three Emergency Runaway Truck Rumps will be constructed.

There will also be a lorry brakes temperature checking point and holding yard at Kibunja.

Additionally, a dual carriageway will be constructed at the 10km climbing lane section, the widening of Nyanja/Kamara Bridge, improved road marking with reflective cat-eyes and signage, repair and installation of guardrails.


Dualling of Nairobi – Nakuru – Mau Summit under Public Private Partnership Contract. The procurement of the Contractor (Consortium) is on-going. This will ensure that the entire road capacity and safety is improved.

We appeal to all road users to play their rightful role in enhancing road safety by adhering to traffic rules and speak out against reckless road use.

Please report all violations and complaints

i) to NTSA through the Hotline 0718555999, on the reporting mechanism in the NTSA App or
ii) to the National Police Service through the toll free numbers 999/911 or,
iii) directly to the nearest Police Officer, at the next road safety check point, as you take your safari.
The festive season comes with increased travel and celebrations; we therefore urge all road users to exercise extra-caution during this period. We remind the public that lawbreakers will be dealt with in strict adherence to the law.

We appeal to all road users to play their rightful role in enhancing road safety by adhering to traffic rules and speak out against reckless road use. They should not wait and talk after the accident has occurred. They should not enter a vehicle that is already full. Those found will be arrested and taken to court. All travelers must fasten safety bests.

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