Kiyapi should shut-up; he failed

Gordon Opiyo


I got nauseated when I saw Prof Ole Kiyaipi criticizing Dr Matiangi on the Education Reforms.
I had a one on one encounter with the mega rot at the Ministry of Education between 2010 and 2011 when Ole Kiyaipi was the PS.
By the Grace of God I was selected by the British Government to help set up accountability measures that would have helped parents to hold teachers and headteachers to account on the money being sent for free primary education. At that time, the British Government had suspended funding the free primary education to the tune of 4,2 billion per year, and other donors also withdrew 16 billion. Part of my task was to put up a system in which everyone would know how much cash came to the school, and how it was used.
In February 2011 I was in a team led by Mark Waltham, then British Government head of Education in Kenya to meet Prof Kiyaipi. He promised to give us full co-operation. He raised our hopes that things would be fine. All we needed was data from his ministry, and details of the cash sent, so that we put it in our accountability system.
That was the first and last meeting we ever had with the officials of the ministry. I came face to face raw impunity. Nobody wanted to give details. What I gathered was that senior officials at the ministry had formed a cartel that sent extra cash to schools, and then went to share the loot with the headteachers. I also gathered that the text books scheme was another cash cow.
In short, the British Government plan to fund a system that would have seen Kenyans hold Education officials to account was frustrated and collapsed. As a result, all donors pulled out- and that did not bother the senior officials.
Then in comes in President Uhuru, and Dr Matiangi.
They decide to take the cartels head on, face to face, man to man mundu khwu mundu.
One thing I know is that the education sector was rotten to the core, and only committed leaders like President Uhuru and Dr Matiangi could deal with the cartels.
You may want to ask- what used to happen to examination results between December and March?
How comes we are seeing some schools that used to score 100 As having only 3 or 4?
Your guess is as good as mine. After ,marking, the process of selling marks went on for two months, before the results were released. Rich schools bought As, and poor schools were denied their marks.
People like Sossion, Ole Kiyaipi and other should not even open their mouths to say anything about education in Kenya.

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