Private universities fight KCSE results

This is what Ezekiel Mutua has been fighting for the past three years.
Creation of false narratives by media that has secret agenda.
Standard Group is owned by Gideon Moi, who happens to own Kabarak University.
Nation Media is owned by Aga Khan, who happens to own Aga Khan University.
It does not require rocket science degree to see through the Agenda.
With results being released by Matiang’i showing that 100% of students will be absorbed by public universities- Private Universities are in deep deep trouble.
Now they are fighting back.
Instead of creating a forum for discussing how results can be improved without cooking fake As, Bs and Cs, the media has resorted to creating LIES and FAKE stories.
Fact is this:- since 1989, KCSE marking has been ending before Christmas. Never has marking gone beyond Christmas.
The problem was that after marking in December, the cartels ended up trading As and Bs to wealthy schools.
Under Uhuru and Matiang’i this has become impossible. That is how a totally unknown school in Elgeyo Marakwet managed to top and some new names never heard before were in top 100.
Lying, creating fake stories, and fake crisis will never work.

Do not change your nature this Chrismas

When a man saw a snake dying and being burned to death he decided to take it out of the fire🔥 , but when he did, the snake bit him. The bite caused excruciating pain, the man released the snake and the reptile fell back into the fire and was burning again. The man tried to pull it out again and again the snake bit him. Someone who was watching approached the man and said:
-*excuse me, but you’re stubborn! Don’t you understand every time you try to get the snake out of the fire, it’s going to bite you?
The man replied:
-*the nature of the snake is biting, and that’s not gonna change mine, which is to help.
So, with the help of a piece of iron, the man took the snake out of the fire and saved his life.

Do not change your nature if someone does harm you do not lose your essence; only take precautions.

Worry more about your conscience than your reputation. Because your conscience is what you are, and your reputation is what the rest think of you. And what other people think, is not your problem… it’s their problem.

Have a merry Christmas