Old habits die hard

Wahome Thuku

THERE are these exams which you sit for and as soon as you click send, you walk out of the exam room with your results.. I have never sat for any but I know MW used to administer them at the IAT and that was more than 10yrs ago. The other day a friend of mine here, told me she was going for exams in a nursing course at KNH and hours later she told me she had passed. How????
In Kenya you don’t do things that fast, no matter how efficiently you are doing them. We will resist.
Ati you get exam results within 60 seconds, how?? If such a system of what I think is automated marking were to be introduced for KCPE and KCSE, we would hit the streets burning vehicles, demanding to have those servers opened for us to see our children’s answer scripts. Sounds like a joke but it would happen. Even the procurement of the whole IT system would be a subject of litigation if not actually hacked already.
In Kenya mambo ni pole pole. After marking the exams, the results must be kept for a while to be top dressed. Have you ever gone to collect your cheque in a government office? After waiting for 3 hours the cheque finally comes to the last person where you are only required to sign an old Kasuku book and you take it. That is where you wait for another one hour. You can see the cheque yes, and you will be wondering what the person is keeping it for, anaiguza anaiweka chini anaiguzaguza tena, anachukua a fake phone call akikuangalia, anaiweka chini anaguzaguza cheque…
Ask Dr Alfred Mutua. He has been trying to demonstrate to us that one kilometer road in Machakos can be tarmacked within a day using the exact technology used in America since 1840, knowing very well that here, a kilometer MUST take 6 months to tarmack. Not that we are not aware of the technology, its only that Mutua is trying to short circuit our feeding pipeline and we will resist.

Its Christmas Eve.