Focus JAKOM, focus…

Thinking about the leaked video of drunk Raila and value of loyalty.
It is alleged that the video was leaked by Gem MP, though he has denied it.
However, if it turns out to be true that it is Elisha that leaked the video, my point about Raila and his excessive love of money will once again turn out to be true.
You see, Elisha Odhiambo was Kidero’s mtu wa mkono, Since Kidero was the main financier he sent his boy Elisha to take the Gem seat. Raila is only loyal to one thing – money.
So, we know what happens in ODM- the person with money and Raila’s support wins, whether he is popular or not/
For Gem, Raila had to kick out his blood cousin Jakoyo.
So, for 30 pieces of silver, Raila sells a seat belonging to his blood cousin,
What does he get?? Embarassment.
The new flashy youthful MPs he sold the tickets to know no loyalty.
I am sure Jakoyo had seen drunkard Raila in worse situations. He had seen Raila even susuing on his trousers. He had seen Raila shikashikaring many of those women he hangs around.
But Jakoyo was loyal. He could never embarass his drunkard cousin.
Now, these new crop of MPs that bought the ODM ticket are exposing the old drunkard badly.
Im sure after Gem MP, the ALego MP Atandi- will also embarass the old drunkard badly,
The guy doesnt have loyal people around him any more, He only has hirelings and lobbysts who have thier own agenda,
No body can be as bold as Jakoyo and tell him “Jakom, this is wrong” He will degenerate from one low to another in record time.

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