Prophesies of enemies of progress

I recall that no sooner were Uhuruto sworn in 2013 than enemies of progress prophesied of their falling apart.

The line was…

Uhuru (Kikuyu) will shortchange Ruto (Kalenjin) and that will be the end of Jubilee Coalition…

When that didn’t happen…they crafted another line…

Uhuruto is a marriage of convenience, these two “criminals” came together to defeat ICC…but now that Ruto has realized it’s the Kikuyus who fixed him and now that Uhuru has been cleared…sit and watch as Kalenjins angrily walk out of Jubilee Coalition…

This ridiculous expectation also flopped…

The enemies of progress ventured into conspiracy…

Oh…Uhuru went to see Moi and promised to make Gideon his running mate…Ruto is finished…

Of course no one in his right mind would take such a joke seriously…

Now that Uhuruto are in power…enemies of progress are allover with even more conspiracies…

You know Ruto is not a prince…the deal was between Kenyatta and Moi…Uhuru agreed to handover to Gideon who will handover to Uhuru’s son

Oh Kikuyus can NEVER support Ruto…they still remember the 2007/8…

What will they say once Ruto is sworn in in 2022? Wait…

Ruto rigged himself in and must be resisted. We need electoral reforms…Ruto Mas Go..

But when all that fail…they’ll be like…

No one is going to reelect Ruto in 2027…Ruto is a one term president…He can’t defeat RaiMoi ticket…

I can only sympathize with these enemies of progress.


1. The Government has mapped out risky areas in the country. The National Police Service and the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) have been directed to enhance surveillance and enforcement for Traffic Rules in these areas. The most affected areas are along the Northern Corridor, Nairobi-Thika-Sagana, Mai Mahiu Narok Kisii, Kericho-Kisumu and Kisii –Ahero.

2. NTSA will enhance road safety public awareness as a shared responsibility. We request wananchi to cooperate and report drivers who violet traffic rules.

3. All Public Service Vehicle owners, SACCOs and Companies must ensure their vehicles are in good condition, have functional seat belts and drivers work for a maximum of eight hours as stipulated in the Law. We have directed the police and NTSA to crack down on those who do not comply.

4. The Police and NTSA have been issued with instructions to ensure that PSVs operating at night illegally will be targeted. Owners and drivers of such vehicles will be prosecuted.

5. All drivers found speeding will have their licenses revoked. All drivers causing death by dangerous driving will have their licenses revoked, and will face the death sentence for murder.

6. NTSA will profile and create a database for all drivers of PSVs and Heavy Commercial Vehicles. Those drivers who commit traffic offenses will be blacklisted. Employers will be required to check the NTSA portal for driver history before employment.

– New generation e-licenses will be issued to all drivers starting this January 2018 in a phased programme and priority given to PSV vehicles.

– All drivers particularly PSV vehicle drivers will be retrained once more in a phased manner commencing January 2018. This will be done in the various training centres and all accredited driving schools across the country and using the new competency based curriculum

7. Licenses for PSV allowed to operate at night will be reviewed and those SACCOs whose vehicles are involved in road crashes will be banned.

8. NTSA has been directed to categorize PSV SACCOs and companies based on their road safety records. SACCOs with poor records will be deregistered.

9. Boda Boda riders be must follow traffic rules.

11. NTSA has issued a Public Notice informing owners of vehicles which may stall on roads to remove them within one hour. They must place cautionary signs on the road as the process of removal is being undertaken.

12. Heavy commercial and PSV driver caught driving under influence of alcohol will have the licenses revoked. Drivers who cause non-fatal crashes will have to re-do the Driving Test.

With regard to infrastructure, the government will undertake the following to enhance road safety


1. Installing additional standard humps and rumble strips including road markings and signages.
2. Pedestrians in Nairobi constitute 40% of the cause of road crashes. Additional foot bridges will be constructed as follows:
– Nine (9) along the Thika Superhighway
– Outer Ring Road 14,
– five (5) others along the Southern Bypass,
– two (2) in Westlands and
– one (1) in Mlolongo.
This begins in the first quarter of 2018.


1. There will be improvements on the road between Kibunja and Salgaa, as follows:
Three Emergency Runaway Truck Rumps will be constructed.

There will also be a lorry brakes temperature checking point and holding yard at Kibunja.

Additionally, a dual carriageway will be constructed at the 10km climbing lane section, the widening of Nyanja/Kamara Bridge, improved road marking with reflective cat-eyes and signage, repair and installation of guardrails.


Dualling of Nairobi – Nakuru – Mau Summit under Public Private Partnership Contract. The procurement of the Contractor (Consortium) is on-going. This will ensure that the entire road capacity and safety is improved.

We appeal to all road users to play their rightful role in enhancing road safety by adhering to traffic rules and speak out against reckless road use.

Please report all violations and complaints

i) to NTSA through the Hotline 0718555999, on the reporting mechanism in the NTSA App or
ii) to the National Police Service through the toll free numbers 999/911 or,
iii) directly to the nearest Police Officer, at the next road safety check point, as you take your safari.
The festive season comes with increased travel and celebrations; we therefore urge all road users to exercise extra-caution during this period. We remind the public that lawbreakers will be dealt with in strict adherence to the law.

We appeal to all road users to play their rightful role in enhancing road safety by adhering to traffic rules and speak out against reckless road use. They should not wait and talk after the accident has occurred. They should not enter a vehicle that is already full. Those found will be arrested and taken to court. All travelers must fasten safety bests.

Truly, saitan is a liar!

Can you imagine

Instead of using the county funds to set up fish cooling plants along the shores of Lake Victoria (so that our fishermen don’t have to sell fish at a throwaway price to middle men) people like Governor Awiti would rather loot Ksh 2 billion to fund his party leader’s endless campaigns.

Guess what they tell the poor fishermen…Oh, Kenyatta took fish processing company to Thika…Oh we are marginalized…Oh fishing will start paying when Baba becomes president…

And the fishermen, who you’d expect to rebel with such insulting excuses, yell in support…

Instead of holding the local leadership accountable, they are sulking and blaming Kenyatta for taking the fish processing plant to Thika.

You’d think Kenyatta resurrected after devolution and stopped Luo Governors from setting up cooling plants or even building a fish processing plant.


You are the salt…

 Matthew 5- 13″ Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men”
This Scripture has been ringing in my mind. Calvin Burgess of Dominion Farms bitterly complained how Luo Clergy and Christians openly supported the Luo Political leadership, and were afraid to confront the witchcraft using regional leader.
This is one problem I had and still have with the so called Luo Christians that passionately follow Raila.
One, if the Spirit of God dwells in you, you should at least have the Spirit of Discernment. You should at least find out from the Word of God what happens to guys that openly practice Witchcraft and Sorcery like Raila.
If you allow tribalism to make you follow and worship a Sorcerer like Raila, you ought to question your standing with God Almighty.
The biggest disappointment came from the Luo Christians that live in Siaya, and know what happens in Ramogi Hills. These are people that actually see Raila going to make diabolical Sacrifices and blood libation at Ramogi Hills- but still support him
Instead of being the salt and speak against evil, they chose to follow the tribal passions. No wonder very few Luo Christians are taken seriously, and Ohangla and Benga Musicians rule the area.

Raila shifting goal-posts



Remember this headline on 28th November? Yaani, Raila had to plead and beg Uhuru so that his 80 year old brother gets to represent ODM youth at EALA.
Then after succeeding, he re- appears to start issuing ” threats”.
One more reason I strongly believe that one has to be a total moron, to believe this old joker.
No wonder DP Ruto always laughs when talk about Raila. The guy is a big joke.
The only sad thing is that some Luos lose their lives following the joker.

What is not taught in driving schools, but helpful

By Mureithi Wa Lucy
For New drivers, young drivers – (especially first time drivers who bought cars this year) and are planning to drive to the village this Christmas

A car is very forgiving in city speeds and you will hardly notice any faults as the car will not be subjected to extreme physical conditions of highway speeds, for this reason I will put down what is not taught in driving schools.(nowadays)

1) Service your car – a must. 
Replace worn tyres, replace cv joints, suspension bushes, tie rods, rack ends. Go for alignment and camber adjustment.
To avoid common highway breakdowns, check your battery, check your belts, check your lights, check your indicators.
Most of all: check your spare tyre!!!!

2) Do not overload your car 
Every adult you carry must be seated and belted.
No standing kids – especially those that like to stand kids behind the dashboard – he/she will be severely injured even in a 30kph accident.

3) Do not speed / compete with other drivers.
Give way even when you have right of way.
The first rule of the road is also the one that will ensure you arrive alive.

4) Don’t overtake in a herd – a common habit.
That because you can’t see the front of a long line, you swing to the right when everyone else does so – you will find yourself under the axle of a 22 wheeler trying to get back in lane.
Don’t overtake on blind corners, in heavy rain or whenever you don’t have a clear view of at least 500mtrs ahead of the front vehicle.

5) If your vehicle breaks down. Don’t have your family stand next to the vehicle while you repair with half your butt on the highway. If it is a catastrophic failure and you cant move, have them stand 20 metres away into the bush.
– Do not place your triangle 2 metres behind your car!!!!!!!!!!
Place it at a minimum of 70 metres from where your car has stalled.
– Do not place a tyre on the road.. a sleeping driver will hit it, his front wheels lose contact with the road and he runs into you..

6) Avoid using the aircon. (especially in the low end models) because most have no pollen filters or effective dust filters.. your village visit will become a miserable flu filled ordeal.

7) Stop and sleep if you feel sleepy at any point. Not pouring cold water over your face!

8) For those going to extreme ends of the country. Purchase simple puncture repair kits and mini compressors (a small investment of less than 5k) to avoid spending hours in dangerous and unfamiliar places.

9) Carry light foods in case major accidents cause blockage and you have to spend hours in the car while you wait for the blockage to be cleared. Especially so if you have kids.

10) Familiarize yourself with emergency medical/accident life saving procedures that you or another adult in your entourage can carry out while waiting for help.
Even kids should have on them emergency numbers.

11) If you find an accident on the road with no help in sight, stop to help.. don’t just take pictures to post on your page. Those 5 minutes of your attention might be the difference between someone living or dying.

12) Avoid unnecessary aggression on the road, it will change your judgement and distract you from the matter at hand.

13) Lastly, drive slow. Its a holiday, not an emergency.
Give every action a second thought. Train yourself to be patient and calm in all situations.

Enjoy your holiday.