Is all well?

One group of men that need therapy is that that believed that Raila was headed to win. I know a good number of highly educated, highly exposed and highly connected Luo men who were radicalized by the evil Raila.
These men are walking time bombs. They have deep anger issues. They are still dazzled that they believed a hoax. Their egos are wounded that they were conned by evil Raila.
A few are convincing themselves that Jubilee stole, and trying to rationalize their current condition.
Many are in total denial. Many are confused.
Unfortunately, as Psychologists warn, it is the immediate family members that suffer when men’s egos are hurt.
In the past five weeks, many Luo men have hurt their wives. Many are unreported.
I’ve just learnt that a top University Don killed his wife in a fit of anger.
Isn’t it time we invited Dr Frank Njenga to offer mass counseling to the Luo men whose egos were hurt when reality hit them that they were being taken for a ride by evil Raila?
Do we hide our heads in the sand, and pretend that all is well?

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