Is all well?

One group of men that need therapy is that that believed that Raila was headed to win. I know a good number of highly educated, highly exposed and highly connected Luo men who were radicalized by the evil Raila.
These men are walking time bombs. They have deep anger issues. They are still dazzled that they believed a hoax. Their egos are wounded that they were conned by evil Raila.
A few are convincing themselves that Jubilee stole, and trying to rationalize their current condition.
Many are in total denial. Many are confused.
Unfortunately, as Psychologists warn, it is the immediate family members that suffer when men’s egos are hurt.
In the past five weeks, many Luo men have hurt their wives. Many are unreported.
I’ve just learnt that a top University Don killed his wife in a fit of anger.
Isn’t it time we invited Dr Frank Njenga to offer mass counseling to the Luo men whose egos were hurt when reality hit them that they were being taken for a ride by evil Raila?
Do we hide our heads in the sand, and pretend that all is well?

Linda mama initiative

Free maternity programme will now be under Linda Mama NHIF initiative.

All pregnant who are Kenyan citizens are eligible for this package which includes;

•Antinatal care
•Delivery/ neonatal care
•Postnatal care (in and outpatient)
•Infant care(outpatient)

You must register under NHIF by dialing *263# and follow instructions.

You will not need to pay any premiums as the government has already rerouted all the free maternity funds to NHIF.

Ensure all pregnant women around you who may need this are registered.

What really happens when you start supporting Baba

How comes everyone who supports him automatically sounds irrational?

1. Kalonzo was a coveted diplomat, today he is a shameless militant…threatening everyone and no one.

2. Ndii was a revered economist, today he jumps from one station to the next preaching hatred and calling for secession

3. Muthama used to be a rational being, today he is a gifted hatemonger and Kalonzo’s political enemy

4. Mudavadi was the symbol of peaceful politics, today he addresses daily pressers inciting Luos against police as he shrieks NASA hao

5. Joho was a simple fashionista and a celeb at Kilimani Mums, today he’s a Shisha smoking separatist who thinks setting up a dry port at Naivasha means channeling Indian Ocean to Naivasha

What happens to these people? Anyone?

Homabay checker

If there is a people that lost the right to demand good leadership, it’s the people of the Homabay.

Just like Mbagathi Hospital in Nairobi, Homabay Hospital is where you take the sick if you want them to die. The chances of returning home outside a coffin (from that medical joke) are slimmer than slim.

You are asked to buy syringe, needles and gloves from Rachuonyo District Hospital (aka Agoro Sare)…the less said about the hospital the better.

In his report to Senate, Awiti claimed he’d dug 3 boreholes in each of the 41 wards. He insisted he was running 3 fishponds per ward at a cost of over 100m per financial year.

While his lies ashamed even the devil, the people of Homabay fell in love with it.

When common sense demanded they replace Awiti, the people of Homabay gave Awiti a second term. Inadvertently (or deliberately) endorsing the looting spree.

When they had a chance to get a senator who could rebuke the looter, they picked a male Oprah…a talk show king whose only achievement is jumping from one local radio station to the next compromised media to “explain” why there would be no election on 26th Oct.

Instead of asking Awiti to stop looting, Moses Kajwang is twenging on TV over things that matter the least to the people Homabay. The less we say about the man from Uganda the better.

Given an opportunity to elect someone who can represent the women of Homabay, they went for a man in skirt (occasionally in funny trousers). Apart from irrigating the then Deputy Speaker with dasani, praying in front of the Supreme Court in EngLuo and standing behind Raila during the hourly pressers, what else has this (wo)man achieved for the women of Homabay? Wanga is a leadership crisis taken too far.

So, the people of Homabay should tone down and enjoy the mediocrity they elected.

And should they be desperately in need of better services, let them call on their object of worship to help. The man they are eager to please even if it means electing leadership jokes like Awiti, Moses and Wanga.

Congratulations George Weah

H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta

My very warmest congratulations to President-elect George Weah. A serial champion in his days as a footballer, his excellence and persistence have now won him the leadership of his people. Kenya sends its very best wishes to him and to his administration; and we all look forward to even closer ties in the years ahead. Congratulations, Mr President-elect.

President-elect Weah’s victory is a triumph of democracy. Kenya will stand with Liberia, as we have in the past, for we believe that Pan-African cooperation will win every African the prosperity and freedom they deserve. I look forward to working with President Weah and his administration in the service of those ideals.

Focus JAKOM, focus…

Thinking about the leaked video of drunk Raila and value of loyalty.
It is alleged that the video was leaked by Gem MP, though he has denied it.
However, if it turns out to be true that it is Elisha that leaked the video, my point about Raila and his excessive love of money will once again turn out to be true.
You see, Elisha Odhiambo was Kidero’s mtu wa mkono, Since Kidero was the main financier he sent his boy Elisha to take the Gem seat. Raila is only loyal to one thing – money.
So, we know what happens in ODM- the person with money and Raila’s support wins, whether he is popular or not/
For Gem, Raila had to kick out his blood cousin Jakoyo.
So, for 30 pieces of silver, Raila sells a seat belonging to his blood cousin,
What does he get?? Embarassment.
The new flashy youthful MPs he sold the tickets to know no loyalty.
I am sure Jakoyo had seen drunkard Raila in worse situations. He had seen Raila even susuing on his trousers. He had seen Raila shikashikaring many of those women he hangs around.
But Jakoyo was loyal. He could never embarass his drunkard cousin.
Now, these new crop of MPs that bought the ODM ticket are exposing the old drunkard badly.
Im sure after Gem MP, the ALego MP Atandi- will also embarass the old drunkard badly,
The guy doesnt have loyal people around him any more, He only has hirelings and lobbysts who have thier own agenda,
No body can be as bold as Jakoyo and tell him “Jakom, this is wrong” He will degenerate from one low to another in record time.

Old habits die hard

Wahome Thuku

THERE are these exams which you sit for and as soon as you click send, you walk out of the exam room with your results.. I have never sat for any but I know MW used to administer them at the IAT and that was more than 10yrs ago. The other day a friend of mine here, told me she was going for exams in a nursing course at KNH and hours later she told me she had passed. How????
In Kenya you don’t do things that fast, no matter how efficiently you are doing them. We will resist.
Ati you get exam results within 60 seconds, how?? If such a system of what I think is automated marking were to be introduced for KCPE and KCSE, we would hit the streets burning vehicles, demanding to have those servers opened for us to see our children’s answer scripts. Sounds like a joke but it would happen. Even the procurement of the whole IT system would be a subject of litigation if not actually hacked already.
In Kenya mambo ni pole pole. After marking the exams, the results must be kept for a while to be top dressed. Have you ever gone to collect your cheque in a government office? After waiting for 3 hours the cheque finally comes to the last person where you are only required to sign an old Kasuku book and you take it. That is where you wait for another one hour. You can see the cheque yes, and you will be wondering what the person is keeping it for, anaiguza anaiweka chini anaiguzaguza tena, anachukua a fake phone call akikuangalia, anaiweka chini anaguzaguza cheque…
Ask Dr Alfred Mutua. He has been trying to demonstrate to us that one kilometer road in Machakos can be tarmacked within a day using the exact technology used in America since 1840, knowing very well that here, a kilometer MUST take 6 months to tarmack. Not that we are not aware of the technology, its only that Mutua is trying to short circuit our feeding pipeline and we will resist.

Its Christmas Eve.